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A vigil for the lost women of Exeter.

Did you know that five homeless women died in Exeter in the first four months of 2018?  

These vulnerable women were all known to local services (and to each other) right up until 2014, when the services that supported them suffered massive cutbacks.  Their lives were lost at an average age of just 33 years old. In response to these deaths, we formed Exeter Action for Women - a group fighting for the survival of local women and the vital services that support them in our community.  

Our initial goal was simply to raise awareness of the deaths, and lobby to re-introduce funding for these crucial, life-saving services to be reinstated.  We held a remembrance vigil on the High St (see picture) and set up social media pages to begin fundraising with the idea that in the interim we could possibly provide some short term emergency accommodation for a women in need.

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