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Lunching with 70 friends on International Women's Day :)

It seemed only right to celebrate IWD 2020 with as many local as women as possible. We knew that whatever we did had to be accessible to as many women as possible, affordable (for us) so as to be free (for all the guests) and achievable in a fairly short space of time (since we all have full time jobs) so after much discussion we settled on a free community lunch!

We cooked.... Enormous vats of carrot and coriander, minestrone soup and sweet potato dahl. We made massive salads and carved up loaves of fresh crusty bread (from Emma's Bakery - it was delicious)!

Volunteers from the women's group showed up to set out tables and put up banners, and we were ready just in time to welcome over 70 women for lunch!

It was fantastic to connect with so many women of such diverse ages, backgrounds and experience. We are grateful for all for your support, feedback and suggestions for EAW going forwards. Finally, profound thanks to everyone who came along - the friendly faces who helped strangers to feel welcome and comfortable - the poets and speakers who shared their experience of our project so far - the singers from Generation Exe who provided a musical entertainment - the washers and wipers who helped with the clean up afterwards - and all the other words and actions laced with joy and kindness that our brilliant guests brought to the table. We couldn't have done it without you.

Watch this space for more free women's events with Exeter Action for Women !!!

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