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This girl is on fire! Not your average wedding celebration.

Exeter Action for Women are very grateful to have to have the ongoing support of a number of brilliant local women. Two of our our very best decided to tie the knot in June and in true "darling" style they duly announced that wedding gifts would not be necessary, but donations to a number of good causes (including EAW) would be the order of the day. And then they mentioned a firewalk (GULP).

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about it. I honestly bricked it for a least a month beforehand, but I also knew that at least one of us had to do it (cheers Don and Rif) so I buckled up, and tried not to sob at the thought of red hot burning coals beneath my oh-so-sensitive princess toes...

Suffice to say the whole thing was quite emotional. But I did it, without injury or collapse, and afterwards I danced around the field barefoot to an amazing live band, feeling positively superhuman! I can't thank the generous people who sponsored me enough - together we raised over £500, so I think we can all be very proud of ourselves :)

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